Summary of Terms

Administrator IFINA (BVI) Limited
Auditor Baker Tilly (BVI) Limited
Authorised Representative AR Services Limited
Banker Barclays Bank Plc
Investment Manager Diamond Capital Investment Management Limited
Investment Advisor James R. Henry
Legal Advisor Samuels Richardson & Co.
Fund incorporation no. 542081
ISIN Number VGG 2855L1085
CUSIP Number G2855L108
Type of Fund Open-ended Professional Mutual Fund incorporated in the British Virgin Islands
Regulator Financial Services Commission of the British Virgin Islands
Fund strategy A global stock picking strategy, concentrating on quality companies with a margin of safety, favours patient long term investors. Performance is built one investment at a time. Successful investment decisions are based on prudent expectations of rising profits - and not on trying to time Mr Market's mood swings.
Base currency US dollar
Leverage None
Inception date January 2001
Sponsor Diamond Capital Investment Management Limited
Fiscal year February
High water mark Yes
Upfront fees None
Hurdle rate 7.5%
Management fees 1% per annum of monthly NAV, paid monthly in arrears
Performance fee 20% of new net trading profits above the hurdle rate, calculated and accrued monthly and paid quarterly.
Minimum investment US$ 100,000
Sales/Intermediary fee Investors introduced to the Fund by an intermediary may pay a sales/intermediary fee. This fee is agreed upon between the Investor and the Intermediary.
Subscription First business day (dealing day) of each calendar month at a price equal to the NAV as of the preceding valuation day, together with any sales/intermediary fee applied.
Redemption On any monthly dealing day with written notice at least 10 working days prior to the NAV on the redemption day.
Redemption price NAV on the redemption day.